Present your business spectacularly and really accurately

The 3D 360 entities take the viewer to the scene really accurately. The viewer can examine the subject from any angle and point. With these presentations, the client does not have to visit the site to plan, for example, wedding preparations, meeting arrangements or spend time at the site to make other plans. Everything can be done remotely before the scheduled event. Below are examples of implementations.

The Matterport imaging system is one of the world's fastest growing media imaging and presentation formats. The Matterport system is widely used in the presentation of construction projects and residential properties for sale. This is due to many different reasons. Here are a few: Using the camera is quick and easy. The final result is ready in a few hours after the shooting. An experienced photographer only takes less than an hour to photograph a 200-square-meter detached house.

Matterport kokonaisuuksia hyödynnetään myös 360-panoraamakokonaisuuksien osana. Matterport 3D-mallit on mahdollista upottaa esimerkiksi ilmakuvaan ja antaa näin katsojalle pääsy ilmakuvassa näkyvään rakennykseen tai muuhun kuvattuun kohteeseen. Tässä esimerkki Outokummun vanhalta kaivokselta.

You have to remember that Matterport is not suitable for all shooting locations, contact us and we will map the situation of your location.

Below are examples of implementations.