Focus stacking & 3D

I created a 3D model of a chess piece by photographing it from three different angles and 12 different points around the piece using the focus stacking method. For each angle, I took 20 images/stacks. This resulted in a total of 720 images (12*3*20).

At the same time, I tested the stacking features and differences of the Helicon Focus and Luminar Neo software. With the Helicon Focus software, it took 1 minute 57 seconds to stack 20 images, and with the Luminar Neo software, it took 1 minute 26 seconds. The stacking was done on a MacBook Pro M1 Max.

As a result, Luminar Neo was much faster and produced a much better quality image. (Of course, this only involved one model piece) so much more testing is needed between these programs.

Below is a short timelapse video of the shooting and editing process. And the resulting 3D model.