Joensuun Photonics center

An attractive presentation for the Joensuu Photonics Center.

We built a presentation unit for the Joensuu Photonics Center through which you can get to know the site easily and precisely. The show starts with an aerial shot. The Photonics Center is located in an area where there are many Joensuu University buildings, so we also marked the central buildings on the aerial view. This helps visitors understand the location of the Photonics Center and makes it easier to choose a parking space.

You can jump to the ground from the aerial view or you can open the 3D model of the Photonics Center. In the 3D model, it is possible to tour all the spaces and get to know the whole easily. This also makes it easier for guests to find their way to the agreed place.

Welcome to visit Joensuu Photonics Center.