Aaltoja! Kotka light and sound festival


Another light festival is behind us. This time it was the annual "Aaltoja! Light and Sound City Festival" in Kotka.

This time I was involved as an artist. I built the work "360STORIES" in the Satama Arena, which opened in August. A huge number of people came to see the work. The exact number of visitors is still being calculated. 360STORIES is an exhibition consisting of 360 littleplanet images printed on special material. The panels are interactive units. Through QR codes on the panels, you can dive into the image, and the content of the panels can be experienced through 360 images.

The event featured numerous artists. You can learn more about the content of the event on the event website HERE.

I also took pictures and tested new equipment at the same time. Here is a 360-degree overview. Below are a few videos and some photos.

My next gig is in Joensuu at Botania. I'll be bringing my new work "Ultraviolet reality" there.

"Ultraviolet Reality" combines nature and technology and shows how the color and light properties of flowers affect their interaction with the environment. The series presents plants from two different perspectives; as a human eye sees them, and in ultraviolet light, where they appear as pollinators see them.

From Botania, the work will go to the Light Path event in Turku. I hope to see you in Joensuu or Turku.