Snow whale

34 meters in length, and 9 meters in height!

A life-size blue whale made of snow has been built at Joensuu Botanical Garden. The sculpture is 34 meters long and 9 meters high. So, it's not a small sculpture!

Below is an interactive comparison image of the day/night view and the works of previous years in 360-degree panoramic compositions.


  • "We have built both the Stonehenge stone circle (Snowhenge) and the Moai statues of Easter Island (Snoai) out of snow. Of course, we have made these in the right size! Get to know the previous works through the presentation below.

  • "During the winter season of 2024, we want to highlight the state of our oceans and our impact on their biodiversity and well-being. A life-size blue whale (Snow whale) will rise in the Botanical Garden of Botania, of course made of snow. The dimensions of the snowy beauty are exactly the same as those of the large blue whale: 34 meters long and 9 meters high!

  • "We hope that our sculpture will stop the viewer. First of all, to be amazed, but at the same time to feel like a part of the natural cycle."

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