Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Efficient digital twin of a building/factory - streamlining operations.

What is a digital twin? (3D SHOWROOM)

Originally, a digital twin meant a digital model of a physical product, which could be used to simulate and test the operation of a physical device.

Since then, the concept of the term digital twin has been shaped to include broader entities and more diverse contents. Nowadays, it is possible to build a digital twin of, for example, a factory or even an entire city and simulate its operation with the desired parameters and variables.


At 360Finland, we specialize in visual models of digital twins, educational content models and occupational safety systems.

We also supply visual models to other companies building digital twins. In this way, we provide them with visually accurate and scaled content, within which they build digital twins.

Educational digital twins often contain a lot of videos, images, pdf presentations, question forms and other materials used for teaching. The models we build can be used, for example, to teach new employees or introduce old employees to new tasks.

A digital twin in occupational safety. Such models are often built for large factory areas, corporate entities spread over a wide area, or large entities that are difficult or impossible to visualize without a virtual model.

Companies are happy to present their facilities and operations to their customers and various stakeholders.

At the moment, business visits and presentations are, regardless of the field, mostly on break or limited.

We have solved the presentation problems of numerous companies by building a virtual entity or digital twin that fits their premises and needs.


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