Matterport kuvaus

Matterport kuvaus

Captivating Matterport: Virtual reality for factories, businesses, and real estate sales.

Comprehensive Matterport Experience - Take your customers on-site more vividly and accurately!

Matterport experiences offer an incredible opportunity to immerse viewers directly into the heart of a location. Explore the property from any angle and delve into the details. With Matterport presentations, your customers can effortlessly plan wedding preparations, explore meeting formats, or make other plans remotely, without the need to travel to the site.

Matterport captures provide a significant marketing and sales advantage. It is one of the world's fastest-growing forms of media capture and presentation. Matterport systems are widely used in showcasing construction projects and properties for sale, and there are many good reasons for it. The camera is easy and fast to use, and you'll have a finished result within a few hours after the capture. Even capturing a 200-square-meter single-family home takes an experienced photographer less than an hour.

Matterport experiences can also be integrated as part of 360-degree panorama experiences. Embed Matterport 3D models into stunning aerial images, allowing viewers to explore the buildings or other interesting sites visible in the aerial view. Here's an example: the revitalization of the old Outokumpu mine using Matterport!

It's important to note that Matterport may not be suitable for all subjects. Contact us, and together we can assess the suitability for your specific project.

Check out the examples below of our previous implementations and get inspired by the potential of Matterport!


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