24.05.2022 Kirjoittaja Rami Saarikorpi

DJI Mini 2 & 3 PRO 360 panorama comparison

Here is a short post of DJI mini 2 and 3 Pro 360 panorama differences.

Here is a short post of DJI mini 2 and 3 Pro 360 panorama differences.

DJI hasn’t updated their 360 panorama shooting software yet. That is, the Pro 3 doesn’t take any more zenith images than the Mini 2. But the photos can be taken manually after 360 panoramic shots, and building a 360 panoramic image is relatively easy.

You have to remember that the camera of the Pro 3 drone turns up 60 degrees, so you can’t get a full 360 degrees this time either. But this is a much more complete 360 image than any other DJI drone can shoot. I believe DJI is going to fix this issue soon.

You can find the 360 comparisons after this text. I did nothing else to the panoramas, they are straight from PtGui’s stitcher. As you notice there are a lot of stitching errors, at least in the Mini 2 panorama.

Overall, the Mini 3 panorama looks much better and is more dynamic and more accurate than the Mini 2 panorama.

Shooting the pictures to 360 panoramas with Mini 3 is a lot faster. Mini 2 takes 1 minute 41 seconds to shoot and Mini 3 takes only 39 seconds! That is fast!

In the future Mini 3 will take one more row of images, but that will add only a few seconds more to the total time.

The Mini 2 and mini 3 PRO really differ a lot in the sound it emits. If both drones are injected side by side at the same time, the sound of the 3 PRO will be covered under the Mini 2.

Update 23.08.22: New firmware update makes it possible to shoot whole 360 panoramas. There is something else new also, check it HERE.


There are a lot of differences between these two drones, but in this post, I only write about 360 panoramas. If you like to find more details, please go to DJI’s Consumer Drones Comparison pages.